Laptop to TV via Wi-Fi

by Luke Arthur

When you have video content on your laptop, you always have the option of watching it on that device, but sometimes you may want to watch it on a bigger screen. By using a wireless network, you can stream video content from your laptop to your TV.

Windows Media Center Extender

You can use Windows media to stream video to your television. If you have Windows 7 or Windows Vista, your computer should have this capability built in. Connect a Windows Media Center Extender to your television and set up a home network on your computer. With a home network, you can share files between any of the devices on your network. This allows you to share files to your Windows Media Center Extender and then watch them on your TV.

XBox 360

You can connect an Xbox 360 directly to your Windows home network and avoid the need to purchase a Windows Media Center Extender. Connect the XBox 360 to your television. Use the XBox 360 remote to go through the settings and connect to your wireless network. You will also have the option of connecting the XBox 360 to your home network and sharing files with your computer.

Apple TV

Apple TV is a device produced by Apple to let you stream content to your television. Hook the device directly to your TV and to your wireless network to stream content from your laptop to the television. Apple TV also allows you to stream content from Netflix or buy content from iTunes to watch on the device.


If you want to watch video from your laptop on your TV, you may also be interested in doing the reverse. In this situation, a number of devices could come in handy. For example, if you have Windows 7, you can record television shows on your computer and then watch them later. Another option is to use a Slingbox TV streaming device to stream content from your TV to any computer. With this option, you can even control the TV remotely.

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