iTunes Conflict With Vuze

by Cee Jay

Device playback integration is a feature in Vuze that makes it easier to add files to portable devices. An iTunes icon sits in the same tab and is used to transfer media to iTunes using drag and drop. If the file is not in the proper format, Vuze converts it automatically. As of January 2011, this feature is still being tested and doesn't always work as expected.

Transcoding Errors

Occasionally you'll see a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark beside iTunes during the conversion. The triangle represents a failed transcode and normally displays when the format is incompatible. This might be due to a download that Vuze does not recognize or a file type that cannot be converted, such as a PDF or zip file. Click the exclamation mark to see the current status, which is likely: "Transcode failed, No video stream found."

No Devices Tab

Device integration was added to Vuze You won't see it anywhere unless you have this version or higher. Additionally, "Devices" was changed to "Device Playback" in newer versions of Vuze. It is located on the left side bar along with other basic options. Click "View" and then "Side Bar" if you can't find it in the Vuze window.

Missing iTunes

Sometimes the iTunes icon doesn't show up in the list of devices. Vuze can't detect it if you don't have it installed on your system, so download it first from Apple. The same problem occurs if you've recently updated iTunes. Restart your computer, launch iTunes and it should be detected the next time you run Vuze. If you still can't find it, right-click "Device Playback" and make sure Simple View is checked.

General Troubleshooting

The iTunes feature installs automatically in Vuze and cannot be disabled by the user. If you're having problems with it, uninstall both programs and download the newest versions. If you continue to have problems, open Vuze and click "Help" and then "Generate Debug Info." Enter a brief description of the problem you're having to report it to the developers. Include your e-mail address where it says "Optional" so you'll be informed of future developments related to the problem.

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