Instructions for the Mio DigiWalker

by Derek King

The DigiWalker is a portable GPS device manufactured by Mio. The unit is used to provide turn-by-turn navigation. The GPS technology detects the user's location and gives directions to an end destination or point of interest. The DigiWalker also includes a touch screen and stylus for added ease of use. Prior to first use, the Mio DigiWalker must be charged and set up for navigation.

Locate the power switch to the Mio DigiWalker at the back of the device. Using the stylus pen, slide the "ON / OFF" power switch left to the "ON" position. For first use, connect the provided AC adapter cable into the bottom of the DigiWalker and into a nearby wall outlet.

Locate the GPS antenna in the back of the DigiWalker, on the right side. Flip the antenna up to the horizontal position for normal operation. View the front of the DigiWalker to see the touch-enabled LCD screen and the controls. Insert the provided SD memory card into the right side of the unit. Press the "Power" button in the top-right portion of the DigiWalker to turn the device on.

View the main screen of the DigiWalker for the first time. Tap the "Navigation" icon to view the GPS navigation section of the DigiWalker. A virtual map of your current location will open on the screen. Use the navigational arrows on the right side of the unit to move the map. Press the Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons (above the navigational arrows) to perform zoom functions on the map.

Press the Navigational Settings button (marked with a small flag icon) located in the top right portion of the DigiWalker. Tap the "Address" option on the screen to open the destination address function. In the "City" header, tap the name of the city that you need directions to. Tap "Street" at the top of the screen to display street names for the selected city. Using the stylus pen, scroll through the list and select your street name. Tap "Number" at the top of the screen and enter the street number using the soft key board at the right side of the screen. Tap "Navigate" to begin to follow your route.

Follow the provided route by viewing the blue line on the map. Observe the turn-by-turn voice prompts to help guide you to your direction.


  • check The Mio DigiWalker can also be used in vehicles. Using the provided car holder, place the GPS device into the stand. Connect the car charger to the power connector in the back of the DigiWalker, and connect the other end to the vehicle's cigarette lighter.


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