How to Install a Wired Surveillance System

by Contributor

A surveillance system can protect your home or business whether when there or away. You can use it to watch your yard for intruders, monitor your children or just see who's standing at your front door. Surveillance systems provide convenience and security for your home or business.

Determine where you want the camera to point. Wired systems are commonly used with just one camera. Choose a high position for a perspective of the entire room.

Consider installing a camera at your front door to see who is knocking without having to look through the peephole. Door surveillance is particularly useful in large homes and for people with mobility issues. Combine the system with an intercom for added convenience.

Plug the cables into the recording device. You can use a dedicated DVR, a VCR or a computer to record the images from the camera.

Run the cable (most wired surveillance systems use one cable for both power and signal) to your surveillance camera. Wires can be concealed beneath rugs or carpeting, within walls and behind furniture.

Mount the camera. Cameras can be mounted on the walls or on the ceiling. It's usually as simple as drilling two holes and screwing in the camera mount.

Test the line of sight and adjust the camera. Ask another person to watch the live broadcast from the camera as you adjust it to monitor some target. Lock the camera in position when you have it adjusted properly.

Program when you want your recording device to record. Most computer-controlled surveillance systems allow you to either schedule a recording session or set the system to motion detection. The second alternative only records when motion is present in camera's line of sight.


  • check Install a wireless system if you aren't handy. Wireless systems work on radio signals and are easier to install.
  • check Purchase monitoring software for your computer that allows you to stream video from your cameras online. This lets you monitor your surveillance cameras remotely inside or outside your home.
  • check Place the recording device as close as possible to where you install cameras to minimize the amount of cable you have to run and conceal.


  • close Carefully conceal any wires used on exterior cameras. Wires in full view or offering easy access can be cut by criminals.

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