How to Install WebWatchers

by Joanne Mendes

WebWatcher is a computer monitoring system used by parents and companies who wish to monitor Internet activity. The program records all emails, keystrokes, visited websites and online chats that occur on the monitored computer. It can also block access to websites that feature adult content. Installing WebWatcher on a computer is a simple process that only takes a few minutes.

Click on the email link that was sent to you after you purchased WebWatcher. This link will take you to the online setup wizard at the WebWatcher website.

Log in to the WebWatcher website using the username and password you created when you purchased the software. Click the "Install Now" link.

Check "Yes" to verify that you are on the computer that will have the monitoring software. Click "Continue." Verify your username and password and click "Continue."

Click "No Thanks" when you are asked if you would like a technician to install WebWatcher for you free of charge. The program is easy to install, and you should have no problem installing it on your own.

Click "Download Now." The download may take a few minutes, depending on your Internet connection speed, so be patient.

Click "Next" to allow WebWatcher configure itself to work with your security and anti-virus programs.

Click "Next" to be taken to the product registration page. Type in your username and password. Click "Next." Click "Finish." WebWatcher is now installed on the computer and will begin recording user data immediately.


  • close You can purchase WebWatcher from any Internet connection, but the software must be downloaded and installed on the computer that will be monitored.

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