How to Install a VGA Compatible Video Controller

by Justin Obrien

Video graphics come with the Microsoft package that's installed in your computer, whether it's Windows 2000, XP, Home Edition or Vista. However, Standard Video Graphics Array (VGA), at 640 by 480 pixels, cannot support the very high resolution that is required for avid gamers to play games and join guild wars in full color. A gamer would have to install a VGA-compatible controller through a driver to get the maximum thrills and excitement from these online and CD/DVD games.

Double-click "My Computer" on your desktop, then left-click "View System Information" under "System Tasks."

Left-click "Hardware" under "System Properties," then left-click on the button "Device Manager."

Look for the tab "Sound, Video, and Game Controllers," then double-click it. The built-in video controller that came with Windows will be displayed.

Left-click on the button "Driver Signing" to check if your video controller driver is compatible with your computer's VGA. Left-click either of the bullets "Warn" or "Block" as needed under "Device Driver Options," then left-click "OK." Note: If the video controller driver is downloadable online, Windows Compatibility Center will automatically check for the latest VGA-compatible driver to install in your computer. If the driver is a CD from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), insert this CD into your CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive, and Windows will automatically check for VGA compatibility.

Right-click your video adapter, then left-click "Uninstall" to remove it.

Restart your computer and log in again. The box "Found New Hardware Wizard" will appear.

Left-click the button "Next" every time you are prompted to start the wizard, search for a suitable driver, and clear the checks in the search option-boxes, in that order.

Click the button "Enable the device," then click the button "Finish."

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