How to Install TeamViewer Full Version

by Elvis Michael

TeamViewer is a popular remote desktop client for multiple operating systems. The program allows you to access other people's computers from anywhere in the world. It also accepts incoming connections for a more complete online collaboration between users. To take advantage of all available features, you must first run or install TeamViewer to your computer.

Download TeamViewer from its official website (see Resources.) Save the downloaded installation file to your computer.

Click "Run" to launch the application without installing it, which is useful if you need to establish remote connections infrequently. Click "Next" followed by "I Accept the Terms of the License Agreement." Allow the TeamViewer application to launch automatically, which should take place immediately after accepting the program's license terms. If you utilize this option, you do not need to configure further settings to use TeamViewer. Otherwise, click "Install" to set up the program on your computer.

Enable "Show Advanced Settings" from the screen in question. This optional setting allows you to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection if your computer is configured with one, and it also allows you to assign a custom installation directory and "Start" menu program entry. Click "Next" to continue the installation procedure.

Indicate how TeamViewer will be primarily used. Click "Personal/Non-Commercial Use," "Company/Commercial Use" or "Both of the Above." "Personal/Non-Commercial Use" allows free remote connections to other computers. Any "Commercial Use" computer requires a software license to establish remote connections within organizations. Click the "Next" button followed by "I Accept the Terms of the License Agreement" to continue.

Click the "Normal Installation" option to install TeamViewer as a typical program, meaning that you would have to manually launch it whenever you wish to establish remote connections. Alternatively, click "Start Automatically with Windows." This option installs TeamViewer as a service, allowing it to launch automatically along with each Windows session. If you choose this option, input a secure password within the "Password" section shown, which will be required whenever incoming connections are taking place. Click "Next" to proceed with the installation.

Enable "Full Access" to have incoming connections take full control of your computer without permission or confirmation. Otherwise, click the "Confirm All" option.

Press "Finish" to successfully install TeamViewer to your computer. Allow TeamViewer approximately one minute to install, although the time interval may vary depending on your computer's speed and system stability.

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