How to Install Runtime Library

by Jason Artman

Many computer programs make use of \"runtime libraries\" in order to operate. A runtime library is a file containing information that a program must refer to, such as the standard commands of the language used to write the program. Sometimes, several programs utilize the same runtime library. If one program is uninstalled, the runtime library could be removed with it, causing the other programs that depend on it to stop working. Re-install these files manually to resolve this issue.


Double click the \"My Computer\" icon. Browse to the hard drive, \"Windows,\" and \"System32.\" Drag each .DLL or .OCX file into the \"System32\" folder.


Hit the Windows logo and \"R\" keys on the keyboard simultaneously to bring up the \"Run\" dialog box. Type \"cmd\" without quotation marks into this box and hit \"Enter.\" This will display the Command Prompt.


Type \"cd\\windows\\system32\" into the Command Prompt and hit \"Enter.\" This will move you to the \"System32\" folder, where you copied the runtime library file(s).


Type \"regsvr32 (file)\" and hit \"Enter,\" where \"(file)\" is the full name of the runtime library, e.g., \"library.dll\" or \"library.ocx.\" You should receive a pop-up window stating that the file was successfully registered.


Repeat the previous step for each file. After all runtime libraries are installed, the program should run successfully.


  • check If a program fails to run because of a missing runtime library, the name of the missing file will be displayed in an error message. To find this file, search the original software disc or put the name of the file into an Internet search engine.
  • check Several websites make collections of runtime library files available to the public, and a link to download the file may be found in the search results.

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