How to Install Python 2.7 on CentOS

by Mike Heldar

Python 2.7 is a version of the Python programming language. Python is multi-platform and has been compiled for use on CentOS, which is a Linux operating system designed to mirror the features of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The 2.7 edition of Python is available by request using CentOS' built-in "yum" update tool.

Log onto your CentOS Linux system with a username and account password.

Select "Terminal" from the "Applications" menu of your computer.

Type "su" and enter your root password, then press the "Enter" key. You may now execute commands with full super user privileges.

Type "yum update" to update the list of YUM packages to the latest edition.

Type "yum install python27 python27-devel" and then press "Enter."

Press down the "Y" key on your keyboard when you are asked to confirm the update. Python 2.7 will be automatically installed.

About the Author

Mike Heldar has written in a professional capacity since his first contract in 1988 and specializes in maintenance and operation manuals. He has written for numerous organizations, including the U.S. Air Force, Epson and Rockwell Collins. He holds a Master of Business Administration with a focus in technology management from the University of Phoenix.