How to Install a Promethean ActivBoard

by Michael Batton Kaput

With classrooms going more high-tech, incorporating digital content into lesson plans is easier than ever. A wide array of electronic and online classroom tools are making teaching and learning easier for teachers and more interactive for students. Digital whiteboards allow educators to deliver lectures in a dynamic presentation format that integrates digital content and student participation into lesson plans. The Promethean ActivBoard is no different. With the ability to make digital notes and present electronic content, the ActivBoard can be used by teachers to get students involved in a lecture, rather than just listening to it. Educators who want to install ActivBoard software to use an ActivBoard unit can do so in a few simple steps.

Insert the ActivBoard installation CD into your CD-ROM drive.

Click the "All Resources" option on the installation menu. This will install all of ActivBoard's major components.

Enter your ActivBoard user name and serial number from the back of the installation CD case to validate the program and complete the installation.

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