How to Install OpenOffice

by Contributor provides a free and open source alternative to Microsoft Office. It includes applications to replace Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and other popular Microsoft Office features. Version 3 and later also includes compatibility with many of the Office file formats. The compatibility allows you to open, save and share MS Office programs with others using It also includes unique features not found in Microsoft Office. is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux systems.


Open your preferred Web browser and navigate to the website. Click the green download button and download the setup file.


Navigate to the downloaded setup file in Windows Explorer. Double-click the setup file to start unpacking the files. Click the "Unpack" button.


Click "Next" to start the installation. Click "Next" again. Click the "I accept the terms in the license agreement" option and click "Next."


Enter your information in the fields provided. Click "Next" to accept the default file associations. Click "Install." Click "Finish" once the installation is complete.


  • check The OpenOffice trademark was already owned so the proper name for OpenOffice is
  • check Open source software overview. When a software developer writes a computer program, it's in a form known as source code. Whoever wrote the program owns the source code. This source code must be changed into a format your computer understands (so it can run as a program). This is called compiling. Once a program has been compiled, it can't be converted back into source code. If changes are needed, the source code must be changed, the program recompiled and redistributed. When you purchase commercial software, you're purchasing software that's already been compiled. Since you don't have the source code, it would be very difficult to make changes to the software. Also, it would be illegal to copy any of the code for your own use. With open source software, the source code is included with the compiled program. Changes (improvements) to the code are encouraged and shared with the open source community.