How to Install Mbox

by Bryan Roberts

Mbox is a music software program, designed and published by Digidesign, that serves as a sub-program for the Pro Tools music development suite. Mbox provides assistance with film scoring, music production, and post-production for film and television. If you wish to install the Mbox program on your computer along with your Pro Tools setup, you will need to configure your computer in order to accept the new program.

Enable DMA (direct memory access) for your IDE hard drives by going to the "Device Manager" window in your Control Panel. To access your Start menu, select "Control Panel" then "Device Manager". Double click any IDE drives in your device manager, and select the "Advanced Settings" tab. Make sure the "DMA if available" option is selected for all of your IDE drives.

While in the Control Panel, Configure Windows Power Management by selecting "Power Options". Set your power scheme to "Always On."

While in the Control Panel, select the "Display" option. Select the "Appearance" tab then select the "Effects" button. Disable the "Use the following methods to smooth edges of screen fonts" option, then click "OK" to save the changes. This disables ClearType font smoothing.

Restart your computer. Before connecting your Mbox, ensure that no other programs or network cards are active.

Connect the Mbox to a USB port on your computer with the USB cable that comes with your Mbox. Insert the Pro Tools installation disc into your PC's compact disc drive.

Select the "My Computer" icon on your computer's desktop, and then select the icon for your Pro Tools disc in the My Computer window. Select the setup icon in order to begin the installation. The program recognizes that the Mbox is plugged into your system and installs the necessary Mbox components.

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