How to Install Manga Studio

by Heather Topham Wood

Manga Studio, the English version of Japan's Comic Studio, is a wildly popular graphics software program used to create publishable manga and comic drawings. You can add color, movement, dimension, as well as dialogue through the text balloons. Once you finish your creations, you can save the file in multiple formats, including jpg, tga, psd, bmp, png, tiff and pict. After purchasing Manga Studio for your PC or Mac, you will want to know how to install the program.


Purchase the download directly from the manufacturer of Manga Studio. You can buy the download from My Smith Micro and start installation immediately after purchase. Once your payment is processed, you will be emailed a link to the download.


Check the system requirements prior to install. For Windows, you will need XP or higher, 16-bit color display, Pen Tablet, CD-ROM drive and 256 MB of memory. Macintosh users will require OS X 10.4.11 or higher, 1.1 GB hard drive space, 24-bit color display, CD-ROM drive and Pen Tablet.


Save the zip files included in your download email to your computer. You will create a new folder on your computer with these files and name it Manga Studio.


Open the folder to view the files and select the file with the version of Manga Studio that you wish to install. For example, Manga Studio Debut will have the file name MSDB400. Once you click on the file, select "Autorun" from the pop-up menu to install the main application.


Install the materials included with Manga Studio. To do this, open the Manga Studio program on your computer. A screen will pop up that will ask if you wish to install the materials; click "OK." Select the "Install from Folders" option when prompted and select the "MSEX400" folder. Your installation will now be complete


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