How to Install iWork on an iMac Computer

by Marrissa Dean

The iWork '08 by Apple is a complete productivity suite for Mac computers. This software contains upgrades for iMac spreadsheet, Pages word processor and Keynote applications. When you purchase an iMac computer, it will come with the iHome software. The iWork software can be purchased for an additional price and easily installed onto your iMac or Mac computer.

Installing iWork '08

Turn on your Mac or iMac computer and remove the iWok CD from its box. If you own an iMac computer, the power button will be located at the bottom left on the back of the machine.

Carefully insert the iWork '08 CD into your Mac or iMac computer. On an iMac, the loading disk drive will be located on the right side of the computer.

Double-click on the box icon labeled "Install iWork'08"; a new window will open asking if it's OK to check your computer to see if the software can be installed. To select "yes," click once on the "Continue" button. When the software has finished checking your computer, click once on the "Continue" button on the "Welcome to the iWork'08 Installer" to begin installing the iWork'08 software.

Read the "Important Information." Use the scroll bar to move the information up and down. This section gives you an intro to the types of documents you will be able to use on your Mac or iMac computer. The information will cover the compatibility of import and export and drag and drop from programs like Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. It will also give you installation information, system requirements and copyright information. If you agree with information, click once on the "Continue" button.

Scroll through and read the Software License Agreement. This is a detailed list of what you can and cannot do with the iWork software. If you agree with the information, click once on the "Continue" button and the "Agree" button.

Choose a destination where you want your software to be installed (for example, Macintosh HD). Click once on the destination to select it and click the "Continue" button. The next screen that will open will tell you how much MB space is needed for the installation. If you agree with the information on the screen, click once on the "Install" button. The installation will take about 3 minutes; when it's finished, click once on the "Close" button.

Click once on the "Page" icon and enter your purchase serial number. Click once on the "Continue" button; your information will come up inside the Register Information Box. If you agree with the information on the screen, click once on the "Continue" button. Your information will now be sent to Apple. Your installation has been registered and the installation is complete. You are now ready to work with your iWorks'08 software.

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