How to Install Downloaded Software

by Shanika Chapman

New computer users are often overwhelmed by their first few Internet experiences. Computer novices can be unsure how to install the programs that they download. While the process is quite simple, it can be intimidating when you are new to computers. With a little practice, you will be installing and configuring software in no time.

Locate the executable file that was downloaded. These will typically end in .exe.

Double-click on the file, which will begin the installation process.

Read the user agreement thoroughly, as many free software applications track your web surfing habits. Be sure that you are comfortable with the terms of use, and once you have reviewed the agreement, click "I agree," and then click "Next."

Choose a destination folder to install the program to. This will typically default to c:\Program Files\, which is the recommended installation location. Once you have chosen the installation destination, click "Next."

Click "OK" on the final screen of the installation, which will be verifying that the installation was successful. Once the installation is complete, locate the program in the "All Programs" section of the "Start" menu. Click on the program to run it.


  • check When you decide a program is unneeded, uninstall it from your computer to conserve system resources.


  • close Ensure that the source the software was downloaded from is a reputable source, and be sure that you have an anti-virus program as well.

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