How to Install CD ROM Drive Software

by Kayla Lowe

When you buy software at a store or online for shipping to you (as opposed to downloading), it will usually come on a CD-ROM. Similarly, when you purchase new hardware, such as a printer, it will come with a CD-ROM that includes all the necessary drivers, utilities and other software to make it work. Installing CD-ROM software is usually relatively simple, especially when the manufacturer created the software with an autorun file. But if the software does not automatically begin installing when you pop the CD-ROM into the drive, you must get the process started yourself.

Insert the CD with the software. If the disc includes an autorun feature, an installer or "wizard" will open. Simply follow the prompts to install the software.

Open the CD directory yourself if the installation doesn't start automatically. If you're using a Windows computer, double-click "My Computer" or "Computer" and then the CD-ROM drive. If using a Mac, double-click the disc icon on the desktop. There should be an installer in the CD directory, or at least a "Read Me" file with instructions.

Follow the prompts within the installer or wizard to complete installing the CD-ROM drive software, at which point you may begin using the program.


  • check Check the CD before placing it inside the CD-ROM drive to ensure that it isn't scratched or smudged; clean the CD if you experience difficulties with installation.


  • close Close all programs before attempting to install CD-ROM drive software. Active programs can interfere with installation.

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