How to Install Adobe Acrobat Plugins for MS Word

by Adam Tavangaran

Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Word are two of the most popular computer document tools. Word offers a wide range of features, helping you craft a document that is easily edited. Acrobat will produce a document which is not easily edited, unless you have an advanced version of the program. But Acrobat will produce great looking files that are easy to share. You may wish, however, to turn your MS Word files into files that can be used with Adobe Acrobat. You will need a special plug-in for this task.


Visit the Adobe Acrobat website ( and find the page which lists all of the available downloads ( From here, you will be able to find a plug-in for MS Word, helping you to turn your Word documents into the .pdf files which Adobe Acrobat uses. A direct link to the MS Word plug-in is


Download the .exe file for the plug-in you select. The file is typically named after the task it is designed to accomplish, namely, making the plug-in accessible. For example, in the link provided in Step 1 above, the plug-in name is "Adobe PDFMaker 1.0 for Microsoft Word 97." After you have downloaded the file, log off the Internet.


Close all applications which are currently open, as this could alter the state of the installation. Find and open the file you downloaded to your hard drive.


Double-click on the .exe file where the plug-in is located. The installation program will start. Click through all of the prompt boxes to ensure that you are installing this plug-in properly.


Launch Adobe Acrobat once the plug-in has finished downloading. You will need to access the Document pull-down menu to make sure the download has been installed correctly. If it has, select the “Make Accessible” option. This should allow you to create .pdf files through Word.


Test the new plug-in by accessing Word and creating a document. You should be able to save it as a .pdf file that can be viewed by Adobe Acrobat. Once you have created this file, try to open it with Adobe Acrobat. If you can, you have properly installed this downloaded plug-in.

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