How to Increase the Memory for a Macintosh Application

by Contributor

If you work with large documents, you may see a message complaining about insufficient memory (RAM). A document might not even open, or a program might run very slowly. You can assign more RAM to the application to see if that helps.

Single-click the icon for the application to which you want to allocate more memory. Be sure to exit the application first.

From the File menu choose Get Info, or press the keys Command-I.

In OS 8.5 and later versions, select Memory from the Show menu in the box that appears.

Type a new value into the Preferred Size box, perhaps 1.5 or 2 times the suggested size shown. You can decrease the memory in the same way.

Click the close box. Your change will take effect the next time you launch the application.


  • check If you attempt to increase the minimum size to a value larger than the preferred size, you will get an error message.

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