My HP PSC 1200 Printer Won't Stop Saying Out of Paper

by Andy Josiah

The HP PSC 1200 is an all-in-one printer series from U.S. computer technology company Hewlett-Packard. Making its debut in 2004, the device not only prints, but scans and copies documents as well. When the PSC 1200 displays the "Out of Paper" message on the computer to which it is hooked up, that means that you need to load its tray with paper or other compatible media for it to resume its functions. However, if it has paper and the message won't go away, you can check out the product's home page at the HP website for a variety of solutions.

Printer Reset

Sometimes, resetting the HP PSC 1200 may get rid of the "Out of Paper" image on the computer screen. To do so, first remove the power cord from the back of the printer. Then wait for about 30 seconds. After that, return the power cord to the back of the device. If the HP PSC 1200 is not already powered on, press the On button to do so.


The "Out of Paper" problem of the HP PSC 1200 may also be media-related. In addition to plain paper, the printer accepts envelopes, cards and transparencies. Thus, make sure that you are not using media that is incompatible with the PSC 1200. Also, ensure that the loading tray is not overstuffed; the media is of the same type and size; and remove any sheets of paper that are curled, ripped, dusty or wrinkled.

Adjusting Printer Settings

A third issue that may keep the "Out of Paper" message of the HP PSC 1200 from disappearing is that the paper settings in the print driver does not match the paper tray settings. To resolve this problem, first make sure that the document you wish to print is open. Then click File, Print and Properties. When the Properties dialog box appears, click the Paper/Quality tab, then the Size and Type drop-down menus to choose the appropriate options. After making your adjustments, click OK and click another OK button to print the document.

Cleaning the Rollers

The rollers of a printer hold the ink used for its printing activities. You may try cleaning the rubber rollers of the HP PSC 1200 to get rid of the "Out of Paper" message. First turn off the printer and unplug its power cord. Then open the front door right below the scanner bed to expose the rollers and clean them with a lint-free cloth that is lightly moistened with water. After doing so, close the door and plug back the power cord back in.

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