How to Hook Up Audio Wires When Video Is Hooked Up to HDMI

by Ruri Ranbe

High-Definition Multimedia Interface outputs both a video and an audio signal, but some devices -- like certain models of PC monitor -- lack speakers. Some HDTVs as well, despite supporting high-quality video, at the same time suffer from poor sound. You can use composite or optical cables in tandem with HDMI, however, to hook up your multimedia device to an external sound system and improve audio quality.

Composite Cable


Locate the connections labeled "AUDIO OUT" on the monitor, receiver, disc player or other device.


Plug one end of the red-colored RCA connector into the "R" jack on the device.


Plug one end of the white-colored RCA connector into the "L" jack on the device.


Locate the connections labeled "AUDIO IN" on the sound system. Plug the other ends of the RCA connectors into the "R" and "L" jacks.

Optical Cable


Check the the monitor, reciever, disc player or other device to find the connection labeled "AUDIO OUT" or "DIGITAL AUDIO OUT."


Insert one end of the optical cable into the appropriate port on the device.


Locate the connection labeled "AUDIO IN" or "DIGITAL AUDIO IN" on the sound system and then plug the other end of the optical cable into the port.

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