How to Deal With a Homeowner's Association That Outlaws Satellite Dishes

by Contributor

The government has entitled homeowners to get a satellite TV dish installed within the premises they own. However, some communities do not allow homeowners to install a dish antenna, restricting residents from watching satellite TV. Read the following guidelines to see if you can set up a dish antenna in the event your Homeowners' Association (HOA) refrains residents from doing so.

Check with your HOA if installing the satellite TV dish on rear side of the roof will be okay. This way, while you can subscribe to satellite TV, the front of your house will still resemble other houses in the community.

Try discussing other ways of camouflaging the dish antenna such that it does not stand out. These ways include painting the satellite dish so it mingles with wall color or plants in the yard.

Talk with the HOA to understand the reasons that make them restrict satellite TV dish installation. Try to come up with solutions for HOA's concerns.

Be polite when putting forth your request.

If possible, talk to other residents who share your sentiment and fix up a meeting where all interested homeowners can discuss the issue with HOA. On seeing more people willing to opt for satellite TV, the association may relent.


  • check Before subscribing to satellite TV, call your HOA representative to check the rules about dish antenna installation.


  • close You can only discuss the matter with your homeowners association. If they still say no, you do not have an option but to settle for cable TV.

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