The History of Dell Laptops

by Michaelyn Erickson

Today, Dell Inc. is the number one seller of laptop and desktop computers in the United States. It is second only to Hewlett Packard in world sales. The first portable computer was made in 1981; Dell released its own notebook eight years later.


Dell released its first notebook computer in 1989. It was called the 316LT. This was five years after the company was started by Michael Dell.


Dell announced its first notebook with a color display in 1991 at the Spring Comdex computer tradeshow in Las Vegas. It sold for $4,500.


Dell introduced the lithium ion battery in 1994. It broke every industry record for battery life, making the flight from New York City to Los Angeles on one charge.


Dell introduced built-in Wi-Fi in 2000. Wi-Fi is a brand name for products providing access to a wireless local area network or wireless Internet service.


Dell adds Blu-ray Disc technology to models at the top end of its consumer notebook computer line.

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