How to Hide a Flat Screen TV

by Contributor

How to Hide a Flat Screen TV. The new living room is almost perfect but the new humongous flat screen TV sticks out like a sore thumb. This can lead to arguments between couples or roommates about what to do with the flat screen TV. In the spirit of compromise, there are ways to hide a flat screen TV without banishing it to the den or leaving it in place to obstruct the entire layout and feel of the room.


Install a cabinet fireplace that hides the flat screen TV inside the fireplace. This cabinet holds up to a 50-inch flat screen and is free standing which requires no flue or ventilation. A fitting service is available if you need installation assistance. See the resources section for more information.


Build a frame around the flat screen TV to make it look like a painting. There are kits available at the local crafts stores that provide all the necessary parts or if you have aptitude, you can design and build a frame yourself. The frame softens the TV and helps it blend into the room.


Purchase a moving art or media mirror to place in front of the flat screen television. The moving art fits over the TV and moves down in front of the screen when the television is not in use. The media mirror sits in front of the television, and when you turn on the television, the TV's picture shows through the mirror. See the resources section for information.


Put in a reversible flat screen TV cabinet. Essentially the centers of these cabinets have a swivel that turns the television around in the cabinet when not in use. See the Resources section for more information.

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