How to Hack an Apple Computer

by Contributor

Hacking an Apple computer to improve and customized the controls and look of the machine is the owner's privilege. Below are a few suggestions on how to do it. Remember only hack with the consent of the computer's owner.

Go to the panic website. This page has links to downloads and shareware to hack an Apple computer.

Click on the "Download Now" icon for the "Icontainers" on the website. This application will allow you to change standard icons to a more customized look.

Change the look of program menus by downloading "fruitmenu" on the unsanity website. The application should open automatically.

Allow fruit menu to download before going to the "Start" menu and "System Preferences" to click on "fruitmenu."

Go to the apple menu and drag preferences from the right hand menu to the left hand screen. In the bottom corner of the screen there should be a button that allows you to install the preferences after making your selections.

Download the mighty mouse software on the unsanity website to create custom controls for your apple computer. The installed application should be listed under "System Preferences."

Understand there are lots of different hacks or customizing shareware on the Internet for the apple computer. Look around for more ideas to add to those listed above. Always restart your computer after adding applications and add-ons to the hard drive.

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