How to Use a GPS Car Navigation System

by Contributor

These instructions describe a GPS (Global Positioning System) car navigation system in which your commands and directions from the system are verbal and the names of the street you're traveling on and the name of the street you'll turn on appear on the system's CD player display. The system described here is the Eclipse Commander.

Start the engine, and insert a map disc CD-ROM into the CD player's CD slot.

Follow the voice instructions of the Commander.

Say the word "Navigator" before each command.

Spell the street name, address or name of the point of interest you want to go to. The Commander will respond, "Are you at (Street Name)?"

Say, "Yes." The Commander will begin its directions.

Say, "Navigator next." The Commander will tell you how far to drive until the next turn.

Drive the route. After making the turn, say, "Navigator next." The Commander will tell you how far you will have to drive to the next turn.

Repeat until you reach the destination. You can request the Commander to give the previous instruction by saying, "Navigator previous." And you can ask the system to repeat a direction by saying, "Navigator repeat."

Say, "Navigator next," when you reach the destination, and the Commander will say, "Goodbye," and shut off.


  • check If you want to change your destination midway through, say, "Navigator new route." The Commander will ask you to enter the new starting point.
  • check Say, "Navigator no turn," if a turn is blocked off. The Commander will calculate a new route. This will take a few seconds, and then it will provide you with verbal directions.
  • check Say, "Navigator detour," if you come upon a detour. The Commander will say, "Did you say, 'Detour?' " Say, "Yes." Commander will ask, "Are you still on (Street Name)?" Say, "Yes." Commander will calculate a new route and begin giving you new verbal directions.

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