How to Get Free Virus Protection Software

by Contributor

Although you can buy virus protection, you can also get reliable virus protection software free. Usually the free virus protection works just as well. One main difference might be a lack of technical support. If you don't need the support, then this software is perfect for you.

Check with your service provider. When you sign up with some providers, they may offer you free protection for a period. It could be a few months or a whole year. Some providers offer virus protection free each time you renew your contract.

Visit for free virus protection software. Go to the website and type the words "free virus protection" in the search box.

Pay attention to the write up for each program. You don't want to download something with a Trojan horse or spyware attached. Notice the viewer ratings next to each. Click on the ratings to read reviews by other users. Pay special attention to any warnings.

Go to for free AVG software. There is a trial version available and a free version available. There is no technical support with the free version.

Read the chart at to see the differences between the free and paid versions of this software.

Check the compatibility of the program you choose with your own computer. You want something that runs properly on your computer.

Click the download button at the bottom of the chart to get your free version of the protection software program.


  • check Make sure the virus protection you choose says "free."
  • check You may need to restart your computer before the free virus protection software works.


  • close Don't download anything until you check user ratings or you may get spyware.