Gas Plant Safety Rules

by David Karanja

Gas plants face potential risks of accidents if gas leaks and causes an explosion that will ignite a fire in the factory. Plant management must implement strict precautions to ensure safety and reduce the chances of accidents.

Keep All Gas Fittings Clean

Gas fittings should be washed with carbon tetrachloride before valves and pipes are installed. This will ensure that no chemicals come in contact with any type of gas, which can cause a reaction.

Use Valves and Pipes Without Oil

Use pipes and valves that are free of any oils, including grease. These pipes should be placed in oxygen service without any compressed air in them.

Keep Flammable Gases Away

No flammable gas should be in the premises. Flammable gases, such as acetylene, can cause an explosion.

Use Oxygen Masks

Workers should wear oxygen masks while operating in or near a gas plant. They should avoid inhaling cold vapor because it can damage their lungs.

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