How to Find Free Clip Art

by Contributor

Clip art is a great way to spice up a website or blog. Here are some great clip art resources.

Visit for fun, varied clip art. This site features a lot of animated clip art. To use these images, you may not link directly to the website, and you need to provide a link to their page if using Webweaver's clip art. is well organized and has great variety. Be aware that the site has a lot of pop-up ads. This site features both photographs and clip art. is a great resource which is well organized. However, you'll need to wait for lots of ads to load. A great feature is that you are able to edit their images through a website, so you can alter hues, size, and more.

Visit for clip art by Jeff Bucchino. Since he makes all of the clip art, the images are in a consistent style, so you can use more than one on a page for a cohesive look. is a great resource which is not overloaded with ads. It has a lot of useful and varied clip art to choose from.

For more free clip art, just search Google. Searching by topic is helpful if you need a specific result, but you may also want to check out one of the above clip art sites for inspiration if you need new ideas.

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