How to Format an eMachines Computer

by Joshua Miller

Formatting an eMachines computer is like formatting any other Windows PC, assuming everything is in working order. While most people only reformat a computer after contracting a virus, regularly reinstalling Windows can keep a computer running fast and wipe away unnoticed problems.

Insert the Windows disc and restart the computer. (If you are using the product key from a previous install, the disc has to be the same version of Windows XP: Home or Professional. All Vista discs, however, are identical; the key simply tells the installer which features of the OS to install.)

Expect to see a black screen with the message "Press any key to boot from CD," or something to that effect. If this doesn't happen, restart the computer again. When you reach the splash screen (the first screen with the big "e" on it), press F10 to reach the boot menu. Choose "Boot from CD" and press any key when prompted to do so.

Watch for a blue screen as Windows takes inventory of your hard drive. When Windows begins to display any partitions on your computer, delete them all (press "D" to delete and "L" to confirm).

Know that you should now have one option: unpartitioned space. Press "Enter."

On the next screen, choose to format using the NTFS file system and press "Enter." Windows will begin the process of installing the operating system. When it's done, it should reboot. Do not press any keys while it reboots.

Input your product key. It should be on a sticker somewhere on your case, probably near the back (if you are installing the same version that came with your computer). It may be easier to write down the product key well before installing, when it would be easier to move the computer to see at any angle. After inputting your key, click "Next."

Click on the drop-down menu to choose the timezone you are in. Click "Next."

Choose a name for any accounts you will be using.

If you are taken to network settings, choose "Typical."

Wait to be taken to your desktop. To complete installation, register your copy of Windows if you haven't already done so.

Remove the Windows CD and insert the "Drivers" CD that came with your computer. Follow the onscreen directions to restore your computer to perfect working order.


  • check Most eMachines computers come with Windows XP, so this article is written largely from an XP standpoint. However, installing Windows Vista is mostly the same process, and any differences are clear and self-explanatory.


  • close Back up all files before reformatting your PC. While a professional may be able to recover some of your lost documents, there is no guarantee, and the process is expensive.

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