Fonts That Are Similar to the Academy Engraved Font

by Robert Kingsley

Academy Engraved is a font that comes preloaded on Windows systems. Its a stylish font, designed to look like it was engraved. White space within the letters provide a nice touch and the style looks good when used in a larger font size. If you like this font, but tend to overuse it, there are a few other preloaded fonts that are quite similar.


The Algerian font is similar to the Academy Engraved fond in that it has white space within the letters and it appears slightly engraved on the page. The white space in this font is used more to approximate a shadow, however, which gives this font a bit more depth. The letters are a bit more stylized, with more flairs than Academy Engraved, but they retain an old world look. This font is also much darker than Academy and shows up better when used in smaller print.


The Castellar font is extremely similar to the Academy Engraved font. It has very similar letter forms, white accent marks and sizing. The white spaces in these letters are a bit thinner, which makes the letters seem darker on the page. The individual letters are also a bit taller and wider than in Academy Engraved.

Engravers MT

The font Engravers MT has a very similar form to Academy, although it doesn't have the white embellishments. The letters are a bit thicker and appear to be bold when compared to Academy Engraved. These letters are significantly wider as well, which makes them take up more space on the page.

Colonna MT

The Colonna MT font has letters that are formed much like the Academy Engraved font, but it has a few differences as well. These letters are not as wide and they are shorter, so you can fit more text at the same font size. It has the white decorative marks on each letter, but they are more pronounced than in Academy Engraved.

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