How to Fix Unexpected Shutdowns in Windows 7

by Steven Diggs, Jr.

When your copy of Windows 7 starts having unexpected shutdowns, you have a malicious piece of spyware or a virus that has infected the core Windows files. To fix this, you can use System Restore, a program built into Windows 7. This will restore your PC to an earlier date when the shutdowns did not occur.

Click the blue logo in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Type "System Restore" into the "Search programs and files" box. Search results will automatically appear above the bar. Click the "System Restore" result.

Click the box beside "Recommended Restore" because this selection will find the best restore point to use for your PC. Click "Next."

Click "Finish" at the bottom of the screen. Your PC will restart and use the best restore point possible.


  • check Before downloading any file off the Internet, be sure that it does not contain a virus.


  • close Downloading files from Bittorrent have a higher likelihood of having viruses than from anywhere else.

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