How to Fix System Errors

by Nina Nixon

System-related errors are not uncommon. An upgrade gone wrong can freak out the registry. Sometimes after a new device is added, a needed .INF (Information Setup) file is realized as missing. These important file types used in Microsoft operating systems store vital configuration information for hardware originally installed on the computer. If one or more of these setup files is deleted, a hotfix may be the solution. Otherwise, restoring the computer to the last known good configuration is a reliable alternative until a long-term repair is successful.

Restart your computer and then press "F8" when the message prompt, "Please select which operating system to start" is displayed.

Press the down arrow key and choose "Last Known Good Configuration (your most recent settings that worked option and then press "Enter." (Note: Users of Windows 7 and Windows Vista, use the displayed "Advanced Boot Options" screen.)

Go to Microsoft's "Windows Updates" website to get the latest updates for your computer.

Uninstall or rollback the driver of incompatible hardware and software if system errors continue to present a problem.


  • close Missing system setup (.INF) files will not return to the computer when you apply the last known good configuration. Therefore, go to the website, "Available Hotfixes to Supply Missing .INF Files" if you continue to receive operating system headaches.


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