How to Fix Runtime Error 380

by Nina Nixon

An outdated video driver will usually return a Runtime Error Message 380. Typically, but not exclusively, these errors are most commonly found in software such as Microsoft Business Solutions for Analytics: FRx 6.7 Desktop and FRx Financial Reporter 6.5. A video display card that is corrupted or outdated is usually the culprit. Sorting through a variety of different device manufacturers make fixing this type of setback not as easy as it could be. The good news is that once you identify the "who," you will most likely find the repair process is not that bad after all.


Discover the manufacturer of the video driver by opening the Device Manager, clicking "Start" and selecting "Run."


Type "sysdm.cpl" in the "Open" command line and then hit "Enter."


Go to the Hardware tab and then select "Device Manager."


Double-click "Display adapter" and then right-click on the active video display card.


Select "Update Driver." Repeat steps 1 through 5 to update all display adapters listed under the main "Display adapters" category. If the problem persists, proceed to Step 6.


Install service packs for the specific software. To do this, visit the device manufacturer's website.


  • check When you are finished updating your display adapters, visit the manufacturer's website to keep updated on pertinent hardware news.

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