How to Fix a Loose Cable Jack on a TV

by A.J. Andrews

A loose cable connector, also referred to as an F-connector, often indicates that a nut securing it to the A/V panel is loose. Tightening the nut requires removal of the television’s rear panel. Although television designs vary, the method for removing the rear panel is similar for most. However, removing the rear panel and tightening a loose female F-connector will void your television manufacturer’s limited warranty.


Unplug the television and all devices connected to it. Wait at least 10 minutes before beginning to allow the TV's internal components to cool.


Remove the rear panel from the television. Although television designs vary, the method for removing the rear panel is similar for most. You will find a series of screws around the perimeter of the rear panel that will release it from the front panel. Remove these crews with a #3 or appropriately sized Phillips screwdriver. You will also find a series of smaller screws surrounding the audio and video input area that houses the cable input assembly and the cable jack. Remove the screws with a #2 or appropriately sized Phillips screwdriver. Remove the screws on the left side first, bottom to top; remove the screws on the right side next, working from bottom to top; finish with the top, working left to right.


Separate the retaining clips that secure the rear panel to the front panel. Retaining clips are equally spaced around the seam where the front and rear panels meet. You must wedge a flathead screwdriver in the seam between the front and rear panels to separate the retaining clips. Begin on the left side and work from the bottom to top. Follow with the right side of the television, working from bottom up. Separate the retaining clips on top from left to right.


Locate the nut on the inside of the A/V input area that secures the female F-connector. Hold the F-connector input, marked “Ant. In,” on the outside of the A/V panel.


Tighten the nut on the interior of the A/V panel with a thin 3/8-inch or appropriately sized wrench. Replace the rear panel of the television, making sure each retaining clip snaps into place. Snap the retaining clips in place in reverse order of how you separated them.


Replace the screws in reverse order of how you removed them.


  • close Do not touch any internal components other than the nut securing the F-connector. Some components still carry a charge if the television is unplugged.
  • close Hire a professional to do the job if you feel unsure about safety.

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