How to Fix Klipsch Speakers

by Joe Fletcher

Klipsch is a speaker manufacturer that offers a full line of home audio speakers, including an innovative pair of speaker/LED light bulbs called Light Speakers. Klipsch offers a five-year warranty on its home speakers, and a lifetime warranty on certain models, such as the in-wall, ceiling and outdoor speakers. When speakers break, contact the manufacturer to have them fixed. You'll just have to follow the appropriate steps in fixing your speakers.


Find the original receipt from your speaker purchase. Klipsch requires this receipt for warranty repairs.


Schedule a repair with your local Klipsch dealer. Whether your speakers are still covered under warranty or not, speak to your nearest authorized dealer about getting them repaired. Taking them in to a local dealer may be your easiest alternative.


Send your speakers directly to Klipsch. If you don't have a nearby retailer, or if said retailer doesn't perform repairs, send your speakers directly to Klipsch. Contact the company at 800-KLIPSCH to set up a repair before sending the speakers in.


Repackage the speakers in their original packaging or in something similar that offers the same level of protection. Include a copy of your receipt or proof of purchase.


Contact Michigan-based Sybesma’s Electronics for out-of-warranty repair. If your Klipsch speakers are no longer under warranty, Klipsch cites this location as a repair partner. Contact DuraCrest Fabrics in Illinois for grille repair. Klipsch identifies this company as a repair partner for grilles. If your grille is ripped or damaged, contact DuraCrest to set up repair.

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