How to Fix a Galaxy SIII That's Freezing When Rebooting

by Dan Stone

If your Samsung Galaxy SIII freezes during the boot screen, you may have to perform a factory reset to fix the device. However, there are a few things to try to get the device working again before blowing out all your data. The phone is likely freezing because there is a problem with the Android installation, but it could be something as simple as bad data stuck in the system memory.

System Update

Carriers issue patches and updates independently of Samsung.

If the phone only freezes sometimes when rebooting, you may be able to fix the problem with a system update. If you can boot, touch the menu button, select "Settings," choose "About Phone," touch "Software update" and follow the on-screen instructions to install any patches or updates Samsung and your mobile carrier have applied. Version updates may fix the problem.

Battery Reset and Remove SD Card

A malfunctioning SD Card can freeze the system.

When you restart or shutdown the Galaxy SIII with the power button, it doesn't fully reset the device, it just resets it or sends it into standby mode where the device is still technically on. Some bad data or configuration may still be active in the system memory. You can clear up those kinds of problems by opening the Galaxy SIII's back panel, removing the battery for 30 seconds, reconnecting the battery and restarting the phone. While you have the back panel open, try removing the SD Card if you've installed one as well as it may be malfunctioning and freezing the device. If the phone boots successfully, reinsert the SD Card.

App Uninstall

Android is an open platform and some apps can cause system malfunctions.

If you're recently installed any new apps right before the reboot freezing starting, try to uninstall them if you can still occasionally boot into Android. Some apps modify the Android operating system and can cause major errors. If the device reboots successfully after the app has been removed, the app very well may have caused the problem.

Kies Restore

A computer-side backup restoration might fix the freezing issue.

If you've set up a backup point with Kies on the Galaxy SIII and a computer before the freezing started, restore the phone to an earlier state with Kies. To use Kies Restore, connect the Galaxy SIII to the computer, turn on the phone, click the "Back up/ Restore tab," select the "Restore" button, choose a backup file, click "Next" and follow the on-screen instructions to restore the device.

Recovery Mode and Factory Reset

Factory resetting the phone might be the only option.

If the phone freezes every time, boot into recovery mode to fix the problem. You can enter recovery mode by holding the volume up, home button and power button together when turning on the phone. On the recovery menu, try the reboot option first. If the reboot option doesn't work, load recovery mode again and try the "Update from Cache" or "Update from SD Card" option -- the latter will require downloading the most recent firmware to the SD Card from another device. The factory reset is the final option and it will erase all data on the phone. Unless the phone has a hardware malfunction, the factory reset will get it up and running again. To perform a factory reset, boot to recovery mode and select the "Factory Reset" option from the list.

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