How to Fix Corrupted Photos

by Suvro Banerji

Photos get corrupted for a variety of reasons. While it may occur due to certain issues with your photo editing software, it may also happen due to system or user errors. Either way, you can fix corrupted photos. Note that if the photo is corrupt from its original source, there is really nothing you can do to fix it. However, if the issues occurred while you were downloading it or while using an image editing software, you have ways to troubleshoot it.

Rename the corrupt photo. Sometimes, a simple rename can troubleshoot issues with the image. Right-click the file and select "Rename." Type a different file name with the same image format. Re-open the photo in your default photo viewer. If that doesn't solve the problem, go to the next step.

Use a different image viewer or image editing software to open the corrupt photo. Sometimes, a mere change of software can do the trick for you. Right-click the file and select "Open with..." Choose a different program from the list and try re-opening the photo. If this doesn't help either, go to the next and final step.

Use an image recovery software. You will find several programs that can fix corrupt photos. "Davory," "PixRecovery" and "JPEG Recovery Pro Editor" are some of the most reliable ones. Choose a program and install it on your computer. Follow the on-screen guided prompts to open the corrupt photo within the recovery software and then fix it.

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