How to Find Free Winter Screensavers

by Diane Steinbach

For those of us who sit in front a computer for a living, a cool new screensaver can really make our day. A little diversion during a long phone call or just a personal expression of individuality, screensavers are more form than function in today’s modern computer world. Changing screensavers along with the seasons can help you celebrate a holiday or just enjoy the new landscape. Buying screensavers can be costly, but there are a lot of free screensavers out there.

Start with reliable and free software from Microsoft. XP users can easily download the Digital Photography Winter Fun Pack 2003 to get a nice winter landscape slideshow screensaver. You can also animate screensavers with falling snow or frosting glass. Lots of fun options here from a spyware free and safe source. There are also some nice greeting card resources available with this pack (see Resources below).

Get an animated Christmas screensaver that is so cheap, it’s nearly free! Get a free 15-day trial through and buy the screensaver for only $2, and you’ll have a beautiful winter scene on your computer all season long. Follow the link below to get this terrific buy.

Vista users can download a free screensaver from XP- and Vista-compatible, you can get a terrific winter landscape screensaver that will bring a smile to your face on a dark and drab winter day (see Resources below).

Have a laugh over the winter holidays with the free Nutty Santa Screensaver. This super-cute animated cartoon has Santa mooning you and Rudolph running across the bottom of your desktop. You’ll get cues during installation to install additional software, but simply refuse and you’ll still get this screensaver free (see Resources below).

Go to for some terrific 3D screensavers. An active snow globe or beautiful crystal snowflake are both available here, so you’ll have no shortage of holiday cheer after a long day of work. Dow screensavers show you the authors of the savers and give you two choices of download sites, so you should have no problem safely downloading these fine products (see Resources below).


  • check Always create a restore point before installation and run a spyware and virus check after installing freeware.


  • close Be careful downloading free screensavers from some sites. Many “free” sites require registration that will leave you sifting through spam all winter long.

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