How to Finance an Alienware Laptop

by Maxwell Payne

Alienware computers are designed for video gaming computer users. The desktops and laptops often feature high-powered components for gamers like extra RAM, top of the line video cards, cooling systems and custom keyboards. Purchasing any new computer can be expensive, so Dell, which owns Alienware, offers financing the expensive Alienware machines, and other options exist to fund your new laptop.

Apply online for a Dell line of credit. Dell offers credit financing with no-interest terms or deferred payments.

Take out a small personal loan from a bank or use a credit card with no interest or deferred payment.

Use leftover student loan money, if available, to purchase an Alienware computer. Many student loan processors allow for computer purchases because they fall under student-related expenses.


  • check Sell your old computer and apply some of that money to the price of a new Alienware computer.


  • close Be sure to pay off the financed amount before interest kicks in to avoid paying more than the sticker price for the computer.
  • close Avoid using payday loans, cash advances and high-interest loans to purchase the computer.

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