What Is the File Extension KEY?

by Faith Davies

During software development, computer programmers and software engineers select file extensions for programs based upon their own preferences. Because of this, it is possible for unrelated files to share a common file extension, which is the case with .key files.


A file with the .key extension is known as a Security key, Keynote presentation, or a keyboard definition file.


Security keys and keyboard definition files are used by a number of different programs. Keynote presentations are created by a program for multimedia presentations known as Keynote, which is produced by Apple.


Security keys contain a security code that is saved for a program when you have registered your copy online. The security key allows you to use all the features of a program. A Keynote presentation is a multimedia slide show. Keyboard definition files contain the information for a keyboard shortcut, such as using "Control" plus "V" to paste text.


Security keys help software companies prevent the illegal copying and distribution of programs. Keyboard definition files save time by allowing you to perform a function by using a combination of keys.


Keynote presentation files are used only on Mac OS computers. Keyboard definition files and security keys are used on both Windows and Mac OS machines.


Because these files are necessary for their respective programs to function properly, never delete a Security key or a keyboard definition file from your computer.

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