What Is the File Extension Dmp?

by Faith Davies

When errors occur with computer programs, there are a number of tools used to troubleshoot or diagnose the cause of the problem. One diagnostic method is to utilize .dmp files.


A file with the .dmp file extension is known as a Windows "dump file."


A file with the .dmp file extension contains information that is dumped or saved when a computer program fails.


By analyzing the information contained in .dmp files, it is often possible to see the error message that the program displayed in relation to what processes the program was completing. This makes it possible to determine the cause of the crash.


Programs used to analyze .dmp files include Windows Debug Tools, Windows Kernel Debug and Microsoft Dumpflop.


In some cases, .dmp files are generated by a program known as Savedump.exe, which is used to reinstall a Windows computer to its previous settings following a crash.

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