What Is the File Extension 411?

by Faith Davies

In 1981, Sony released a camera called the Mavica, which saved pictures to a floppy disc instead of traditional film. Although rare, these photographs may still be found occasionally today and are associated with .411 files.


A file with the .411 file extension is known as a Sony Mavica picture.


A file with the .411 file extension is a thumbnail or small version of Mavica photographs. The file is used by the Mavica disc to display the photographs.


You are most likely to find a .411 file either on a floppy disc using a disc reader or burned onto a CD that was made as a duplicate of a floppy disc. On the original floppy discs, these files may be hidden from view.


Normally, .411 files are saved with .htm files that contain the actual photographs taken with a Sony Mavica camera.


411 files can be viewed with the programs XnView, Javica and Maview.


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