How Far to Safely Sit from a 52 Inch TV

by Anthony Markesino

How far you sit from your TV is typically a matter of personal preference. Most manufacturers recommend a certain distance from their TVs based on a ratio of distance to screen height. Although for younger viewers it is critical that their eyesight be protected not only by limiting their viewing time but the minimum distance they sit from the screen.


HD TVs have a good angle of view, meaning you can set your furniture up almost 60 degrees to each side and still have an optimal viewing setup. As far as distance, although it varies by manufacturer, the higher pixel depth and resolution of HD screens allows you to be much closer than 2.5 inches of distance per inch of television screen. Therefore for a 52-inch screen you would ideally have at least 130 inches between your furniture and the TV.


LCD technology is currently one of the best available on the market for TVs. With up to 1080p resolution, crisp colors and smooth refresh, you can get even closer and still be within optimal range. You can be as close as 2.2 inches per inch of TV screen (recommended with Sony LCDs). So for a 52-inch screen, you'd sit an approximate distance of 115 inches.

Maximum Distance

Richard Fisher of HDTV Magazine proposes the idea of a critical distance ranging between 2.5 inches and 3.3 inches times the height of the TV. Of course you should always choose a distance that is comfortable for you the homeowner with or without your glasses.


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Anthony Markesino is a freelance writer and senior editor for UGO Entertainment, specializing in the video game industry and MMO's. He also has several design credits on such prominent games as the new Wolfenstein, as well as Rogue Warrior and the Fear series.

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