by Casey Anderson

Users of the ImageMan ToolKit may notice the im32fax.dil error at start-up or when attempting to run an application. Although it only works with the ImageMan program, it's still possible for the error to cause numerous problems with computer functions, such as operating system failure or even the dreaded blue screen. Therefore, it's important to repair the error quickly to avoid possible computer issues.


Im32fax.dil is a component of the ImageMan Image Processing Toolkit, a product of Data Techniques Inc. that allows program developers to create document and imaging applications in a variety of computer formats. Because the file is only relative to ImageMan software, it is not crucial to computer or operating system functions. However, receiving a im32fax.dll error message may affect your entire computer and cause the system to slow down or crash.


ImageMan users will usually get the error message when attempting to boot up their computer, although the message may be different, depending on the type of error or computer system. Oftentimes, users may see an error stating the application failed to start because the im32fax.dil file was not found. Othertimes, the message simply states, "Cannot find im32fax.dil." In some cases, the error will let the user know that the file is corrupt. The error may cause the operating system to crash or the computer to run slower than normal. Also, the error may appear when the user is attempting to access certain programs or applications due to the error's interference with computer memory and executable files.


There are many reasons a user may receive a im32fax.dil error message. Usually, it means that the im32fax.dil file is missing or damaged; however, there are other possible causes for the error. Damaged hardware drivers or printer drivers, spyware infection, computer overheating, and malignant codes or viruses may all contribute to problems with the im32fax.dil. While it may be difficult to pinpoint the exact reason for the error, it's a good idea to run a registry scan of your computer before attempting to repair the issue to avoid future problems.

Repairing the Error

To stop the error, open Task Manager. Click the "Processes" tab and search for the im32fax.dil file. Click "End Process" to stop the programming from running. If you'd like to continue using the ImageMan software program, completely uninstall the application from your computer. Re-boot your system, and re-install the program using an installation disk. This will replace the damaged file with a clean version and allow you to use the program without receiving the error messages. Finally, run a virus scan, as it is possible for malware to hide within files and corrupt your computer system

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