How to Enhance Digital Photos

by Contributor

Digital pictures can become corrupted in number of ways during the acquisition, transmission, compression or encryption. In all cases, enhancement means one thing: fixing. This can be done by image processing algorithms. These fall in two major categories. Those that manipulate pixels directly and those that operate on the Frequency Transform of the image. You will need a software tool called "image editor" to enhance digital photos.

Start with your image acquisition tool. Whether it is a webcam, a digital camera or a scanner it might need cleaning or adjustment. Why go through the trouble to enhance digital pictures when the problem is simple?

Identify how your image needs to be enhanced. The digital picture may need a change in contrast, resolution or size.

Download a simple image editor if you need to do simple enhancement. This can include, rotation, mirroring, height and width change, change of resolution, brightness, contrast and gamma. Visit a software download website like Tucows and browse through their digital picture enhancement software downloads to find what you need.

Access an advanced digital image processing tool if you need to correct defects in your picture. You might want to create a crisp line art image. To eliminate dust and scratches, suppress moire patterns or correct red eye defects you may use Photoshop to enhance your digital picture.

Find an online image processing service if the work you need to do to enhance your digital picture is more scientific. You may want to do non-linear filtering, geometric image manipulation or segmentation of objects. This can have several goals such as finding hidden artifacts or patterns in the picture.

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