How to Encrypt Data on an iPod

by Nick Grimes

Data encryption is a vitally important part of modern information management. Whether it be confidential personal exchanges, private images, bank account and credit card details, website login information, work-related communications and documents or other private data, more and more people have information that they need regular access to but can't afford to share. The Apple iPod Touch gives access to sophisticated, affordable data encryption for your files that you need on the go.


Install Safe. Safe is a third-party app for your iPod Touch or iPhone that allows secure data encryption to a 256-bit AES standard. This standard has been certified by the National Security Agency as fit for protecting top secret documents. Safe can be installed from the Apple iPod Store or downloaded.


Choose and verify your password. Safe will not allow a password that is shorter than six characters or longer than 32 characters. Use a password that will not be easy to guess; do not use a whole word, and try to use a mixture of upper and lower case, letters, numbers and special characters.


Create categories for your data. You may wish to separate your personal, work-related and image-based data, or use other distinctions. Before encrypting data with Safe, you must create at least one category in which it can be stored.


Add data. Click a category name to bring up the "Compose" menu. You can choose to add credit card data, bank account or online user account information, plain text, or an image. Once you have chosen the form of information to be added, input the data that you wish to encrypt. When you are finished, select "Save."


Encrypt the data. Safe encrypts data as soon as you exit the application, or as soon as the application goes to auto-lock (such as when your iPod Touch is locked or your iPhone receives a phone call). To decrypt the data for viewing or editing, log into Safe using your password and access the file.


  • close It is vital that you do not lose or forget your password. The level of security offered by Safe is such that if you lose your password, there is no way to recover your information.

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