How to Enable Solitaire Acceleration

by Ashley Donohoe

Windows 7 includes solitaire. If your computer's graphics card does not have the sufficient video memory or speed to render the game's visual effects, you may get a message that you need to enable hardware acceleration to play the game. The 3D effects on solitaire require Direct3D hardware acceleration so that the game can run smoothly. While many video cards support hardware acceleration, some do not. You can enable hardware acceleration by changing your display settings if your video card supports it.

Click "Start" and "Control Panel." Select "Adjust screen resolution" under "Appearance and Personalization."

Select "Advanced Settings" and click the "Troubleshoot" tab. Select "Change Settings" and enter your administrator password if prompted.

Move the slider bar under "Hardware Acceleration" to "Full" and click "OK" to confirm your changes.

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