How to Email a Brochure

by Michael Epstein

Emailing a brochure is identical to emailing any other type of file. Whether you use Gmail, Outlook or Mac OSX Mail, the procedure for sending a brochure is pretty much the same.

Open or log in to your email account.

Compose a new message. You can do this by selecting the envelope icon or by clicking a variation of "Compose New Message" in your email account.

Look for the paper clip icon in the new message dialog box. This is the universal symbol for an email attachment. If you do not see the icon, then look for the phrase "Attach File." Once either has been found, click it.

Browse for your brochure in the pop-up window that appeared. Once you find the file on your drive, select it, and click "Open."

Wait for the brochure file to fully attach to the new message.

Write an address in the "To" field, type an appropriate title in the subject line, and add content to the email's body.

Click "Send" when you are done customizing the email. The brochure will be sent.

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