My Emachines Won't Turn on

by Chad Buleen

If you are having power issues with your eMachines computer, there are several recommendations to troubleshoot the problem. Typically, when an eMachines computer will not turn on, it is because of operator error and not because there is something wrong with the computer.

Check to make sure the power cord is firmly plugged into the computer as well as the wall outlet. Do this even for an eMachines laptop computer, as the battery may be dead.

Check the surge protector into which your plug is connected (if it is connected to a surge protector). Make sure the surge protector's switch is turned on. Also make sure the surge protector is plugged securely into the wall outlet.

Plug another device into the outlet you are using to ensure it works. Try plugging the eMachines computer into a different outlet.

Check the breaker box to make sure the power is turned on in the room or area you are using to plug in the computer. If the switch is set to off, slide it over to the on"position.

Check for cuts or damage to the cord itself. Replace any cord that shows signs of damage.

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