The Best Electric Start Generators

by Lewis R. Humphries

Electric start generators are designed as mid-range power generators (usually between 6 and 10 kilowatts) and can be turned on or off at the touch of a single electric switch or by remote control. Models are now being developed as portable generators, and many of the contemporary products are equipped with a manual pull switch as a back up. You can purchase electric start generators for outdoor, trade or home use.

Honda EU3000is Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

The Honda EU3000is Super Quiet Portable Inverter is lightweight and compact, and ideal to use on camping and outdoor trips. It is a fully enclosed generator, remains quiet through the start up and operation and boasts a fuel tank capacity of 3.4 gallons and low fuel consumption. This model is also fitted with electronic circuit breakers and a computer-friendly inverter.

Hyundai HY3100LE

The Hyundai HY3100LE is a popular and durable electric start petrol generator, providing a maximum of 3 kilowatts of power during use. The model is used extensively in the construction and automotive industries, and its fuel capacity stands at 15 liters. The Hyundai HY3100LE also boasts an enclosed internal circuit breaker and manual recoil pull start as an alternative to the electric starter function.

Clarke 4.5KVA Petrol Generator FG4050ES

The 4.5KVA Petrol Generator FG4050ES model is a steel-framed electric start generator and a popular product for home and domestic use. It has been designed to conform to the latest EU directives (which govern environmental noise and appliances), and features a quiet operational function suitable for a built-in suburban area or community. It consumes 2.4 liters of fuel per hour on average and has a total fuel capacity 25 liters, allowing an approximate run time of 11 hours on a full tank. This generator is also portable, featuring fold down, flexible handles and pneumatic tyred wheels.

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